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Courses offered in Kenya Utalii college

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Utalii college produces competent professionals in various fields, the courses offered include; Certificate in bar management, Certificate in cake making, Certificate in event management, Certificate in customer care, Certificate in food and beverage production and sales, Certificate in front office management, Certificate in hazard analysis, Certificate in laundry and housekeeping, Certificate in communication skills, Certificate in kitchen keeping techniques, Certificate in gardening and landscaping, Certificate in bakery, Certificate in public relations, Certificate in travel and tour operations. Diploma courses are available in the related courses including Diploma in Hotel Management, Diploma in Travel and tourism management.

Apply through, The Principal, Kenya Utalii College, P. O Box 31591- 00600 Thika, Ruaraka, Mobile number: 0722 205 891/2 or 0733 410 005.

As a student it is always advisable to have a mission in your academics, remember the main reason for you being in college is to pass your exams and graduate with good grades. Prioritize your activities, attend all your classes and do your homework and assignments on time. You can’t commit all your time in academics only, arrange some time for social activities and time for friends, just hang out for a weekend night in a club and relax from class work. Learn how to put a start and a stop to all the activities you are doing. Avoid extending time in one activity for this will lead to time mismanagement.

Keep your mind at the right state, sleep when it is time to do so, enough sleep keeps your mind healthy, lack f sleep will lead to failure in academic work, this is because mind can’t focus when it is tired. Some students will choose to put their time management schedule in the phone calendars and others will put it in a hard copy, ensure that your schedule is working for you and producing good results.

Students will experience difficulties of hard professor, you might end up not liking him and the course he is teaching, remember by the end of the day you will be the loser. The professor may be repeating same content or not using technology. You should evaluate yourself and identify where the problem is, instead of frustrating yourself accept that you are facing the challenge and try coming up with the best approach. You can either choose to adapt to the situation or choose another program with another professor.

Attend all the classes to get the content of the course, sometimes you may feel like not attending classes but just go, you never know when the lecturer is giving out prompt assignments which carry marks counting on your final grade. Pay attention while in class and it will be easy to revise. Always stay organized to make a track of all your class work which includes assignments, course content and exam.

Take your college work just like a real work, this will build your professionalism and prepare you for future career, choose study method which fits you, students have different mode of study, don’t just follow multitude be yourself. Balance school work and other activities, there will always be time for everything. Participate in school activities; this will improve your sense of belonging. Remember to always take care of your health, eat well and avoid unhealthy practices which can bring stress and regrets.

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