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Courses offered in Elite Teachers College -Kibwezi

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The college is located in Kibwezi along Mombasa road, the environment of study is conducive for any learner and the hostel facilities are built with modern technologies for both men and women willing to study in kenya . There is constant supply of electricity and water. The college trains teachers in the following areas; Diploma in special needs education, diploma in ECDE and Certificate in ECDE and SNE.

Special needs education prepares teachers to adapt to teaching programs of students with special needs, the students develop a duty to effectively communicate with children with disabilities. The students involved in special education are students with visual or hearing disability or any other disability. The course prepares the teachers to know how to customize ways of addressing each student needs. The teacher is trained on how to use different equipments of facilitating the learning of the special need children. The graduates of this college are guided on developing conscious to academic success.

Early Childhood Development and Education ECDE, the course produces teachers in kenya who are specialists in training children. The graduate of this course can comfortably teach kindergarten and nursery schools, the training involves study of basic Mathematics, language, childhood development, child rights, psychology and administrative duties. The examining body of this course is Kenya National Examination Council (K.N.E.C). The entry requirement of this course is KCSE grade D+ or a certificate in ECDE or any other equivalent qualification. The course takes one year for full time students.

Early childhood is the type of education given to young children up to the age of about nine, after that the student enrolls to the compulsory education. At this stage the student spends most of the time playing, the teachers are trained to realize the power of play; good play will meet the intellectual, emotional and social needs of the child.

The teachers of ECDE in Elite Teachers college are comprehensively trained to be child centered; the teachers become professionals in understanding the child’s needs, social interactions with the others and connecting emotionally with the child. The teacher gains skills on how to develop communication of the child by making the child learn the right language; understand the world and recognition of right from wrong.

Elite Teachers College will make you realize your dream of growing in the teaching career. A graduate of Elite Teachers college will get good money upon graduation; the job is secured for a life time because there is always need for teachers in the education sectors. There is no other job with holidays except teaching job; a teacher will always have satisfaction after successfully delivering their services.

The teaching career will require candidates who are time conscious, organized, self starters and finishers, like your duties as a teacher and be perfect in delivering message. Elite Teachers College is equipped with modern learning facilities and a big library. The lectures are ready to train and see each student succeed in their career. The application forms can be collected in the college and more enquiries done. Apply through the college’s official address: The Principal, Elite Teachers College Kibwezi, P. O Box 247- 90137, Kibwezi – Kenya. Email: [email protected] or call 0722 931 961.

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