Courses offered in Cooperative college

by Laura Wanjiru  - April 6, 2023

Cooperative college is located in Karen, the college offers various professional courses, Certificate courses include the following; Coffee factory management, Banking course, Administration course, Business management course. Diploma courses include Auditing in cooperatives, Diploma in Banking, and Diploma in Micro finance. The college also offers Degree course in Bachelor of Cooperative business. The application address: The Director, Cooperative College of Kenya, Ushirika road P. O Box 24814- 00502, Ushirika road Karen. Mobile: 0724 311 606. Official website:

Once you are a new student in a college, you get new responsibilities such as time and money management, without familiarity of the new environment you can ease it up by creating a support network. The new college life will expose you to new social and extracurricular, this opportunity will make you explore new interests, participate in college activities outside class, by doing this you will adapt to the new life very fast. The new faces you see around call for new friendships get friends from your classmates and also from the hostels, when you create these friendships you will discover that you are not the only one trying to adjust to college life.

Be responsible for your health and practice health behaviors, by doing this you feel responsible of yourself. Make sure you get enough sleep, eat balanced diet, exercise manage your stress and avoid drugs. Make a timetable to divide your class time, work and social activities. Budget your money well so that you avoid calling parents or guardian for extra cash. When you plan your money and time then your college life will be a success. College is a transition to independence, you need your professors and teaching staff to solve your academic issues, consult resident assistant in case of accommodation issues.

Tips on how to manage your money while in college; avoid debts which are not necessary for this can really stress you when creditor follows up their money, always remember to save any surplus cash, pay bills on time, avoid hanging out with big spenders for you will end up overspending, get the most of your student id by attending college activities. Learn the art of cheap date and take advantage of Mother Nature instead of going to expensive restaurants. When you want to buy something, think twice before purchasing that thing, take a day or two and if you still think of buying it then purchase it. Spend less than you earn and you will be in a safe position financially. Think of starting your own projects which will earn you money while still in college, search for magazines of young money; students who are in business and get guidance from there.

College experience should be the best, for many it will happen only once in their life time, get the best out of your college, enquire about all the opportunities in the college, some colleges offer work study opportunities and this will not only boost you financially but it will improve your curriculum vitae for future job opportunities. Avoid any thing which can destruct your academic program. Always keep your mind focused on what is important

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