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Courses offered at Vera Beauty and Fashion College

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Vera Beauty and Fashion College was established in 1998.It is a centre of excellence in beauty and fashion designs and offers professional training in hair,beauty,modeling,fashion,design and instructors courses.It has played an important role in promoting efficient,profitable and quality training in the beauty industry and its aimed at providing professional and quality training to students with a view of improving their employment opportunities thereby producing competent and professionally trained personnel.

Courses offered

The courses offered range from practical certificates,certificates,diploma and advanced diplomas.

  • Nail technology-It’s a part-time course that has a duration of one month.Its an exciting and rewarding profession with professional nail technicians graduating and perform nail services to thousands of fashion conscious clients since the business of nails has grown enormously and therefore the need for educated and competent nail technicians is expanding.For nail technicians,many opportunities are available in the film industry,beauty salon and beauty pageants.Modules covered include;

-Nail tips and applications

-Nail wraps

-Acrylic nails

-Nail art and free-hand painting

-Creative touch

-Air brushing

-Maintenance and removal of tips


2.Beauty therapy-A 6 months course that equips learners with knowledge to enthusiastically explore different avenues of the cosmetology industry.It gives opportunity to learners to work in the media and film industry as a beauty writer or skin care specialist,a retailer in cosmetics chemistry,an educator,a consultant and also a salon owner.Modules covered include:

-nail,manicure and pedicure treatments

-Anatomy and physiology

-Theory of massage

-Facial skin care

-Facial make-ups

-Hair removal techniques

-Cosmetic chemistry


-Professional image

-Health and safety


3.Hairdressing-Provides explanations and illustrates the knowledge and skills required to become a professional hairdresser.Career opportunities include salon owner,educator,hair colorist,hair designer,publisher,retail specialist

Modules covered include:

-Chemical reformance

-Professional ethics decontamination


-Permanent waving


-Hair cutting

-Thermal styling

-Setting and dressing of long and short hair

-Creative styling

Duration of the course is 6 months

4.Instructor courses-The beauty industry has many opportunities as an education consultant in cosmetic consultancy in cosmetic industries,technical colleges,marketing department of cosmetic companies,written curriculum and training manuals that train teachers.Duration of the course is 2 months.Modules are:

-Student phychology

-Curriculum development

-Guidance and counseling

-Session delivery and assement

-Teacher development plan

  • Fashion design-Its art of making clothes and accessories and its essential in fashion industry.Its 1 year and 8 months course.Modules include;

-Fashion illustration

-Design ideas

-Fabric design

-Clothing construction

-Pattern drafting

-Free-hand cutting



Other specialized courses include:

-Event decoration

-Bead work

-Flower arrangement

-Fabric decoration

-Interior design

-Accessories making

Graduation ceremony is held in March every year and the outstanding students are given awards in their various disciplines.Also students showcase their work and achievement as they compete for trophies.




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