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Courses Offered At Umma University In Thika And Location Of Umma University Campuses In Kenya

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Most Kenyans have come to learn of Umma University in Kenya recently with the numerous advertisements on Kenyan television. Umma University in Kenya is a multi-denominational university of Islamic orientation, chartered by the Kenyan Commission for Higher Education. The Umma University in Kenya has two campuses: One of the Umma University campus is in Kajiado part of Kenya and the Umma University main campus is located in Thika town in Kenya. To get to Thika from Nairobi town, you board matatu along Ronald Ngala Street next to Turskys Magic in Nairobi. 

Umma University in Kenya offers distance learning, classroom teaching as well online teaching using modern technology. The Umma University in Kenya combines Islamic ethical and moral orientation with practical lessons on business as well as technology. Umma University campus in Kajiado part of Kenya is located along the Kajiado- Namanga Road. Construction of lecture halls in Umma University as well as accommodation buildings in Umma University in Kenya has been ongoing over the recent past. Most of the buildings have now been inhabited and are serving their full purpose. 

Umma University in Kenya, being a young campus offers only 3 undergraduate courses in Kenya. The courses offered in Umma University in Kenya are: 

Bachelor of Business Management in Umma University in Kenya

The Business Management Course offered in Umma University is tailored to give expertise required in the business fields. Umma University in Kenya gives its students four options in which they can specialize in on pursuing the Business Management course in Kenya. These options offered in Bachelor of Business Management in Umma University include accounting option, management option, finance option and marketing option. The business management degree course in Umma University in Kenya takes a minimum of three years.

Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies in Umma University in Kenya

Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Studies offered in Umma University are in light of the society’s need for well trained practitioners of the Islamic religion in Kenya. The degree in Islamic studies in Kenya offered in Umma University equips the students of Islamic studies in Kenya with an in depth knowledge of the Islamic religion. This degree in Islamic Studies in Kenya takes a minimum of three years.

Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Sharia in Umma University in Kenya

Technically, the degree in Islamic Sharia  offered in Umma University is the equivalent of a law degree in Kenya only that it is biased on Islamic law. The Umma University management in Kenya has been trying to have this particular law orientation accepted as a recognized law degree by the relevant bodies. The degree in Islamic Sharia offered in Umma University  in Kenya takes a minimum of three years to run its full course ad also incorporates ideologies in Islamic banking in Kenya.

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