Courses Offered at Rift Valley Institute of Science and Technology- Main and Nakuru Town Campuses.

by Lotela Paul  - April 17, 2022


Rift valley institute of science and Technology is located in Nakuru county, approximately 11 kilometers west of Nakuru town along Njoro-Nakuru road.The institute was started in 1979 to promote the advancement of education in the region. The instituite offers diverse courses that impact skills and knowledge to the youth that has contributed to national development

The institute was certified by the Bureau of standards in 2011 enabling it to satisfy the customers in the job market; through efficiency, transparency, effective and timely services. The syllabi used at this institute are approved by the Kenya institute of Education, city and Guilds of London and the Kenya Accountants and secretaries National Examination Board (KASNEB). Students in Rift Valley institute are examined by KASNEB, KNEC, City and Guilds, Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) Associate of Business Executives and ICDL.

Courses offered at Nakuru Town Campus

a)      Diploma in tourism management

b)      Diploma in Social work and community development

c)      Diploma in supply chain management

d)      Diploma in Sales and Marketing

e)      Diploma in Business management

f)       Diploma in road transport management

g)      Diploma in Human Resources management

h)      Diploma in Information Technology

i)        Diploma in Accommodation operation and services

j)        Diploma in Electrical Engineering(power option)

k)      Diploma in computer studies

l)        Diploma in Banking and finance

m)   Diploma in Early childhood Development Education

n)      Diploma in cooperative Management

o)      Diploma in Accountancy

p)      Diploma in French

q)      Diploma in secretarial studies

r)       Diploma in German

s)       Diploma in Spanish

Regular Courses Offered at Rift valley institute of science and technology-Main Campus

a)      Diploma in nutrition and dietetics

b)      Higher national diploma in Human Resources management

c)      Diploma in Clothing technology

d)      Diploma in food and beverage

e)      Diploma in Ceramics

f)       Diploma in business management

g)      Diploma in general agriculture

h)      Diploma in Road Transport management

i)        Diploma in Automotive Engineering

j)        Diploma in mechanical engineering

k)      Diploma in agricultural Engineering

l)        Diploma in Electrical and electronic Engineering( telecommunication option)

m)   Diploma in Electrical and electronic Engineering(power option)

n)      Diploma in water technology

o)      Diploma in Architecture

p)      Diploma in Building and Construction

q)      Diploma in Civil Engineering

r)       Diploma in Dietetic management

s)       Diploma in Environment

t)       Diploma in Petroleum and Geosciences

u)      Diploma in Applied Biology

v)      Diploma in analytical Chemistry

w)    Diploma in Library information studies

x)      Certificate in business management

y)      Certificate in road transport management

z)       Certificate in supply chain management.

For more information contact the institute through:

Address: P.O Box 7182 Nakuru, Kenya.

Email: [email protected]

Or visit

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