Courses Offered at Ramogi Institute of Advance Technology-Kisumu

by Lotela Paul  - May 15, 2022


Ramogi Institute of Advance Technology-Kisumu is of the earliest technology institutes in Kenya. This institute has been in existentence for more than 31 years. It is located at Riat Hills about 12 Kilometers from the heart of kisumu city along Kisumu- Kakamega road. The institute aim at producing responsible intellectuals as agents of change, through training with a difference by using applied research, quality production and innovations which are the core values of the institute.

More than 6000 Kenya have benefited from this institute this incuding students from the neighboring countries such as Rwanda, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan.Ramogi institute of advanced Technology (RIAT) offers both certificate and Diploma courses at its main campus in RIAT Hills which consists of various departments. These include:

  • Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering
  • Department of Fisheries
  • Department of Information communication Technology
  • Department of social work and community development
  • Department of Communication and Social sciences
  • Department of Clothing and textile
  • Department of catering and Housekeeping
  • Department of Business Studies
  • Department of Building and civil Engineering
  • Department of Automotive Engineering


Certificate offered at RIAT

a)      RadioTv and Electronic servicing internal certificate

b)      Craft certificate in Electronics

c)      Certificate in refrigeration and air conditioning

d)      Certificate in electrical installation

e)      certificate in garment making

f)       Certificate in food and beverage production, sales and science

g)      Certificate in supplies management

h)      Artisan certificate in Masonry

i)        Certificate in Business Administration

j)        Artisan certificate in Plumbing

k)      Certificate in Surveying

l)        Certificate in Carpentry and Joinery

m)   Certificate in Automotive Engineering

n)      Certificate in Fisheries Technology


Diploma Courses offered at RIAT

a)      Diploma in Social Work and community development

b)      Diploma in communiocation and social studies

c)      Diploma Information Technology

d)      Diploma in Electrical Engineering (telecommmunition)

e)      Diploma electronics and Electronic Engineering (power option)

f)       Diploma in Food and beverage management

g)      Diploma in Secretarial studies

h)      Diploma in Information technology

i)        Diploma Business Administration

j)        Diploma in supplies management

k)      Diploma in Quantity Survey

l)        Diploma in Automotive Engineering


For more information contact RIAT through:

Address: P.O Box 1738-40100, Kisumu Kenya.

Tel: +2540202065052

Mobile: 0723789372

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