Courses Offered At Nakuru College Of Health Sciences In Kenya.

by Laura Wanjiru  - December 12, 2022

Nakuru is one of the growing towns in Kenya and due to its big population, many people engage in businesses to earn a living. Where there is a group of people, there need to be an improved health status of such group and that is why Nakuru College of health sciences decided to specialize in health courses. Since Nakuru is and agricultural town in Kenya there was also needed for the same college to integrate business courses alongside the medical courses offered.

Higher diploma courses offered

  • Higher diploma in human resource management.

  • Higher diploma in business administration.

  • Higher national diploma in sales and marketing.

  • Higher diploma in entrepreneurship.

Diploma courses offered

  • Diploma in community health and development.

  • Diploma in community development.

  • Diploma in social work.

  • Diploma in business management.

  • Diploma in tourism management.

  • Diploma in hotel and restaurant management.

  • Diploma in human resource management.

  • Diploma in public administration.

  • Diploma in project planning and development.

  • Diploma in information technology.

  • Diploma in sales and marketing.

  • Diploma in purchasing management.

    Certificate courses offered

  • Proficient certificate in computer applications.

  • Certificate in information technology.

  • Certificate in community health and development.

Nakuru College of health sciences is located along Nakuru – Marigat highway in a large building called KFA building. This institution can be contacted through:

Nakuru College of Health Sciences

P.O. Box 12906, Nakuru, Kenya.

Telephone number: 051 2210858

Email address: [email protected]

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