Courses Offered at Moi University School of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management.

by Laura Wanjiru  - October 5, 2022

Tourism sector is of the sectors in Kenya that contributes a lot of revenues to the country as a result of large number of tourists who visit Kenya from various countries in the world such as United States of America (USA), United Kingdom (UK), Netherlands, Canada, Germany and many others. The recent advisory message of UK and USA embassies to their citizens who came to tour Kenya has affected the tourism sector of Kenya because many tourists have fled the country due to insecurity matters brought by frequent attacks of Al-shebab to Kenya.

Although the tourists from outside Kenya have reduced in number and have affected the tourism sector in Kenya, the fourth president of the republic of Kenya; His Excellency Hon. Uhuru Kenyatta made an initiative of reducing entry fees to tourist site such as national game parks and national game reserves so that Kenyans can now be able to afford visiting tourism attraction sites.

Most of the people who travel to tourism attraction sites do not know the directions to those areas and therefore require the people who are expert in travel and tour guide so that they can provide direction while travelling to these sites. These people are trained in various recognized institutions in Kenya and Moi University is one of them.

Moi university through the school of tourism, hospitality and event management offers diverse courses that boost tourism sector in Kenya. These courses cover all aspects of tourism and they are trained from diploma to doctor of philosophy (Ph.D) level. This school is the newest school in Moi University and Dr. Damiannah Kieti is the current dean.

Diploma courses offered by Moi University school of tourism, hospitality and events management.

They include:

  • Diploma in Tourism Management (DTM).
  • Diploma in Sustainable Tourism and Wildlife Management (DST & WM).
  • Diploma in Travel and Tour Guiding (DTTG).
  • Diploma in Hotel and Restaurant Management (DHRM).
  • Diploma in Event Management (DEM).

Undergraduate programmes offered at school of tourism, hospitality and events management.

They include:

  • Bachelor of Tourism Management (BTM).
  • Bachelor of Travel and Tour Operation Management (BTTM).
  • Bachelor of Hotel and Hospitality Management (BHHM).

Postgraduate programmes offered at Moi University school of tourism, hospitality and events management.

  • Master of Tourism Management (MTM).
  • Executive master in Tourism and Hospitality (EMTH).
  • Master of Hospitality Management (MHM).
  • Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) in Tourism Management.

For more information concerning the courses offered at Moi university school of tourism, hospitality and events management, you can contact:

Dean, School of Tourism, Hospitality and Event Management, Moi University

P.O. Box 3900 – 30100, Eldoret, Kenya.

Telephone: 053 020 8001263

Email address: [email protected].



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