Courses Offered At Kenya Medical Training College Murang’a

by Lotela Paul  - February 4, 2022

The medical training institute Muranga was established during the colonial period in 1950s. It started as by offering training in dressing but later proceeded to train midwives and nurses in 1960s. Community health nurse training began later in 1978. In the year 2005, diploma course in nursing was introduced in this college.

Kenya medical training college is located in Murang’a town near Murang’a district hospital approximately one and half kilometers from the town centre. The college is run by a principal, two deputy principals, three head of departments, lecturers and other supporting staffs which form part of the college administration.

The college believes in “a healthy mind in a healthy Body” philosophy and is mandated to provide training of multidisciplinary health professionals and to emerge as a center of excellence in training and development of competent graduate that fit in the dynamic health systems job market. This college provides an environment for trainees to excel both in curriculum and co-curricular activities. Apart from academics, students have opportunity to participate in sports where they access important facilities such as Murang’a town stadium and Murang’s college of information. Students are linked to the administration their representatives in Students Council.

The following courses are offered at Kenya medical training college, Murang’a

  • Diploma in clinical Medicine

  • Diploma in Nursing-distance learning

  • Certificate course in HRI

  • Diploma in nursing

  • In-service diploma in HRI


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