Courses Offered at Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality in Kenya.

by Lotela Paul  - July 21, 2022

Kenya College of commerce and hospitality is one of the famous institutions in Kenya that offer business and hospitality related courses. It is located in the fourth floor of Church House which is along Tom Mboya Street in Nairobi city. They offer both certificate and diploma courses in the mentioned fields. These courses includes:

Diploma courses offered by Kenya College of commerce and hospitality in Kenya

  • Diploma in guidance and counselling.

  • Diploma in hotel and catering management.

  • Diploma in human resource management.

  • Diploma in legal studies.

  • Diploma in computerized clearing and forwarding.

  • Diploma in banking.

  • Diploma in public relation.

  • Diploma in secretarial studies.

  • Diploma in HIV/AIDS management.

  • Diploma in food production.

  • Diploma in tourism management.

  • Diploma in accounting.

  • Diploma in pastry and bakery management.

  • Diploma in logistics management.

  • Diploma in management information technology.

  • Diploma in transport management.

  • Diploma in computing and information processing.

  • Diploma in personnel management.

  • Diploma in leadership management.

  • Diploma in food and beverages sales and services.

  • Diploma in project management.

  • Diploma in information communication technology.

  • Diploma in public administration.

  • Diploma in accounting and finance.

  • Diploma in nutrition and dietetics.

  • Diploma in NGO management.

  • Diploma in disaster management.

  • Diploma in housekeeping and accommodation.

  • Diploma in shipping management.

  • Diploma in customer service.

  • Diploma in social work and community health.

  • Diploma in purchasing and supplies.

  • Diploma in journalism and media studies.

  • Diploma in front office management.

  • Diploma in computer repair and networking.

  • Diploma in community development.

Certificate courses offered by Kenya College of commerce and hospitality in Kenya

  • Certificate in computer repair and maintenance.

  • Certificate in hotel and catering management.

  • Certificate in store keeping.

  • Certificate in journalism and mass communication.

Contacts of Kenya College of commerce and hospitality in Kenya

Kenya College of Commerce and Hospitality,

P.O. Box 17041, Nairobi, Kenya.

Telephone number: 020 311743

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