Courses Offered At Centre for Biotechnology and Bioinformatics (CEBIB) in the University of Nairobi.

by Lotela Paul  - August 17, 2022

Biotechnology is a field that tries to produce useful products from living organism while bioinformatics is another field of knowledge that deals with development of software’s which is then used to generate important biological use. These two fields are making use of technology in manipulating living organisms in one way or another.

At undergraduate levels, learners are involved in many fields of biology and technology (practical). Once you study biotechnology at advance level (postgraduate level), it turns to specialty area where people major in a specific area of their interest. Therefore, university of Nairobi is one of the institutions in the republic of Kenya that offer courses of biotechnology and bioinformatics at postgraduate level.

These courses are offered at the centre of biotechnology and bioinformatics (CEBIB) in the University of Nairobi. They provide masters and doctor of philosophy for the course. The postgraduate courses offered at the CEBIB in the University of Nairobi includes:

  • Master of Science in Biotechnology.

This course is done within two years and has three options where a person can choose from. They includes agricultural and environmental biotechnology, health and environmental biotechnology and industrial and environmental biotechnology.

The minimum admission requirement for anyone to pursue Master of Science in Biotechnology includes:

        i.            The applicant should be holders of at least upper second class degree in science, engineering, agriculture or any other equivalent qualification that is recognized by the senate of the University of Nairobi.

      ii.            The degree holders of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, Bachelor of Veterinary Medicine, Bachelor of Pharmacy, Bachelor of Dental Surgery or any other equivalent qualification that is recognized by the university senate of the university of Nairobi.

    iii.            The applicants with second class lower division degree in science, engineering, and agriculture should have at least two years experience.

  • Master of Science in Bioinformatics: agriculture and Medical Bioinformatics.

This course also takes a minimum of two years and has the same minimum admission requirement as Master of Science in Biotechnology.

  • Doctor of Philosophy in (PhD) in Biotechnology and Bioinformatics.

This is a course work and takes three years. The admission requirement for this course includes:

        i.            Applicant must be a holder of a Master of Science degree in biological and physical sciences, bioinformatics, biotechnology, medicine and surgery, veterinary medicine, pharmacy and dental surgery at the University of Nairobi.

      ii.            Applicant must be able to draw and submit a detailed doctoral research proposal in the prescribed manner at the time of applying for admission at the University of Nairobi.

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