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Courses in African Nazarene University: degree diploma and Certificate programs

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The need to establish Africa Nazarene University arose in 1980’s, this was because of the challenges that Nazarene church saw in Africa. The initial plan was to set up a Clergy learning institution. A commission was therefore formed to set up a degree awarding college and the institution began as a liberal Arts college. Dr. Harnon Schmelzenbach with the vision of expanding the institution convinced the church to purchase 70 acres of land in Maasai savannah. The institution was built on that land and the boards of trustees were registered.

A proposal for the University was prepared by eight prominent professors headed by professor Marangu. Through discussion and revision, the commission of higher education granted a letter of interim Authority and a Charter was obtained. Dr Martha was the Vice Chancellor and the University began with 63 pioneer students.

The university has Ongata Rongai campus and Nairobi town campus. Its learning divisions are Business department, Information Technology department, Education department, Mass communication department, Professional courses department, Pre University department, and Peace and conflict department.

The courses include Master of Education, Master of Business Administration, Master of Arts on religion, Bachelor of commerce, Bachelor of Science and International Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Computer technology, Bachelor of Business and Information Technology, Bachelor of Dry land Natural resource management, Bachelor of mass communication, Bachelor of laws, Bachelor of Christian ministries, Bachelor of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Bachelor of Arts in Peace and Conflict Resolution studies, Bachelor of Education in Primary, Secondary and Early childhood and special needs and Bachelor of Theology.

Computer and Information Technology department, this course produces competent professionals to deliver perfectly in the vibrant technology environment; technology is a necessity in all the fields of work including education and business. Education department, the education is viewed as a service which should bring positive change to the society; the Educationists produced in Africa Nazerene University are well prepared theoretically and practically. They are prepared to be professionals who follow social ethics therefore aiding in creation of moral society.

Mass communication, the students wishing to work in the fields of electronic, print journalism, public relation, publishing and advertising should enroll for this course; the courses are integrated with Christian faith. Religion department, this society needs people who have a call to do the work of God, the students can serve in any christen dimension locally and internationally after completion of this course, the courses offered under the religion department include, Bachelor of Theology, Bachelor of Arts in Christian ministries, Post graduate certificate/ diploma in community development.

Professional courses department, this department offers certificates and diplomas in different fields; anyone who did not meet the university degree requirement can enroll in this program and later pursue the degree program. The learning mode in this department is reliable; there is a regular, day, evening and online program. PUP department, the students who fail to get the average grade for university entry enroll in this program, it is a pre university program, the KCSE minimum grade of joining this program is C plain, the mode of study is full time and the duration is one semester and 3 months. The university intake period is in the months of January, May and September.

Peace and conflict department, lack of peace brings negative effects to the country; international bodies are in need of persons who are experts in solving conflicts. Conflict issues range from tribal and ethnic conflicts, conflicts caused by distribution of resources, cattle rustling conflicts, court cases and revenge missions. The graduates prepared in this department can solve conflicts and bring a lasting peace.

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