Contacts Of DayStar University In Kenya

by Lotela Paul  - August 12, 2022

Daystar University Athi River Campus in Kenya can be contacted on the postal address P. O. Box 17-90145 Daystar University. The Daystar University Admissions Office in Athi River Campus can be contacted on email address [email protected]

The Cooperate Affairs Office in DayStar University Athi River Campus can be contcated on email address [email protected]. The mobile and telephone contacts of DayStar University Cooperate Affairs Office Athi River Campus are 045 6622601, 045 6622602, 045 6622603,045 6622416, 6622417, 6622418, 6622419, 0724256409, 0724256408, 0735992991 and 0735992993.

Daystar University Nairobi Campus can be contacted on the postal address P. O. Box 44400-00100 Nairobi. The telephone contacts of Daystar University Nairobi Centre are 020 2723002/3/4, 2725472, 2302277 and 2302276. Daystar University Nairobi Campus is located on Valley Road.

Daystar University Mombasa Campus in Kenya is located on Tom Mboya Road in Tudor. The telephone contcats of Daystar University Mombasa Campus are 041 2495512/3/4, 041 2312777/8/9. Daystar University Mombasa Campus is on Apollo House on Moi Avenue, Opposite Cannon Towers. The email address of Daystar University Mombasa Campus is [email protected].

The email address of Daystar University is [email protected]

The website of Daystar University in Kenya is at

Meru District Hospital
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