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Competitive Courses in JomoKenyatta University

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Business Information Technology (BBIT)

The course involves a combination of both business and information technology units. Many students are applying for the course with an intention of getting double skills from both units. Furthermore by being taught skills such as programming and analysis of systems helps students gain huge chances of securing high jobs in the market system.

Actuarial Science

The course is more suitable for students that are good in mathematical operations. It is more competitive and it gives the students the high chances of working in competitive institutions such as banks and other insurance firms that are highly in need of employers with adequate mathematical skills.

Information Technology

The world is turning digital with everyone trying to venture into the IT field. Employers are now storing their data in computers doing away with the old system in which files stored information manually. It is therefore important for students to venture into this course so as to be equipped with different ways of carrying out online applications.

Construction Management (Conman)

Many people are moving into the city and urbanization is growing at a more alarming rate in Kenya. The need for more stable infrastructure is continually growing and hence the needed skills are in low supply. It is therefore important that students apply for this course so as to get better ways of signing more contracts and earn money by being construction managers.

Bachelor of Commerce (Bcom)

The world grows through business. Firms are in need of accountants and secretaries that can help them manage their financial information. It has come to the realization that firms are losing a lot of money due to lack of experts regarding financial information. The course is crucial in helping students gain skills on how to operate in banks and serve the financial needs of customers.

Computer Science

The course needs high mathematical skills and requires students to be keen and focus much on what they want to achieve. Regular class attendance and visits to the library is of crucial requirement to the students if they have to perform well. The course is competitive as it offers students with adequate skills in the field of information technology.


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