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Challenges Faced By The Teachers Service Commission

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The TSC body in Kenya is having a lot of hardships in trying to improve the level of education in the country. Many teachers are working hard yet the outcome from their payment does not encourage them to work hard and continue providing quality education to pupils and students. The big question now comes as to what needs to be done to curb the reasons outlined below facing the TSC body.


The body encounters a lot of problems and that is the main reasons why they continually go on strike each and every year. It is therefore important for the government to listen and respond to the problems so that they can avoid striking and focus on the problems facing them .When strikes are avoided, the teachers will focus on their work and better the education system in the country.

Poor Payments

Very few teachers in the country are earning good amounts of money. The government is not paying teachers the amount of salaries they are expecting making it hard for them to carry out their daily operations in the ways that they consider to be convenient and fair to both of them. It is advisable that the teachers be given salaries of good pay so as to continue providing good services to the government and education system in general.


The teachers service commission gets a lot of competition from the private institution that is opting to employ the respective teachers at a more stable and good salary. The continuous growth of these trends is making a lot of teachers to give up on teaching public institutions. Furthermore, others end up opening their own companies and private schools leaving with them some teachers.

Poor Leadership

Many leaders that are elected in by the body often end up focusing on personal benefits rather than concentrating on issues that can make them better persons in the society. It is therefore of crucial importance for the body to have leaders that can advocate for the rights of teachers rather than have corrupt officials at the end.


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