Campus Challenges in Kenya

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Campus students are experiencing a lot of hardships throughout the entire period of their education. Many students are forced to quit schooling as they cannot endure the continuous challenges that occur in their daily lives in campus. New students should find a better way of dealing with the following major challenges.

High Rental Costs

Self sponsored students are charged huge costs by landlords making it very difficult for them to cope up with the high cost of living. The challenge can be overcome by simply one sharing costs with a friend or someone that can be trusted. The sharing ensures that some money is saved which can later be used to do some other constructive projects.

Sexual Harassment

A lot of campus students are sexually harassed by being forced into harmful sexual activities in exchange for money and other favors from the lecturers. It is therefore advisable that any student that experiences such a case to develop the offenders so that they can be subjected to law and face punishment. Furthermore, allowing oneself to succumb to hardships of sexual harassment exposes one to high risks of getting the dreaded HIV and AIDS disease.

Peer pressure

Social interaction amongst students makes it hard for the weak ones to cope with the pressure that comes from their students. It has come to the realization that majority of campus students join the intuitions as innocent people that later get spoiled by trying to adapt lifestyles that are beyond their control. It’s good for one to be principled and avoid being influenced easily by others.

Drug Abuse

A lot of campus students end up abusing various kinds of drugs that later makes them quit school. Many students end up being desperate such that they venture into drug business as a way of escaping challenges. The deal is often dangerous as it will make someone face the law authorities and even suffer long term jail sentence. It is advisable for counselors to help students know the dangerous effects of drugs and avoid abusing them.


Campus is a place in which people from different backgrounds meet together for the purposes of acquiring knowledge.However; the difference in social classes makes the less disadvantaged groups of the place try to cope up with the lifestyle hence end up stealing from their collegues. Many students lose a lot of property that is expensive to acquire another. It is therefore advisable for one to be careful on how they expose their assets.

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