Bumbe Technical Training Institute-Busia Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - January 13, 2023


Bumbe technical and training institute is located in Busia County along Bumala-Sio port road in Bwiri location. The institute is approximately 250 meters from the shores of Lake Victoria. It was started in 1986 on the infrastructure that used to serve as Bumbe secondary school.

Bumbe Technical training aims to developing middle level manpower for development of Kenya; encourage entrepreneurial skills and knowledge for self-reliance and enable the Kenya youth participate in transmission, advancement and enhancement of technical skills. The institute also aims at excelling in providing qualified graduates who will competently fit in the job marketing various professions.

Bumbe Technical Training Institute has five departments that offer certificate and diploma courses. These departments include:

  • Department of Electrical Engineering
  • Building department
  • Department of institutional management
  • Department of Business and Information Communication Technology
  • Department of Automotive and Mechanical

Certificate courses offered:

a)      Electrical engineering(power option)

b)      Plumbing

c)      Electrical Engineering (telecommunication)

d)      Motor vehicle mechanics

e)      Fashion, design and garment making

f)       Building technology

g)      Carpentry and furniture technology

h)      Social work and community development

i)        Food and beverage

j)        Secretarial studies module 1

k)      Hair dressing and beauty therapy

l)        CPA I, II

m)   Certificate in Early childhood education

n)      Carpentry and joinery

o)      Garment making

p)      Masonry

q)      Electricals and electronics

r)       Motor vehicle mechanics


Diploma Courses offered

a)      Electrical Engineering (power option)

b)      Automotive Engineering

c)      Electrical Engineering (telecommunication)

d)      Building and construction technology

e)      Social work and community development

f)       Water and Sanitation Engineering

g)      Business management

h)      Project management

i)        Information communication technology

j)        Fashion, Design and garment making

k)      Human resources management

l)        Sales and marketing

m)   Supply chain management

n)      Food and beverage

o)      Nutrition and diet therapy

p)      Housekeeping management.


For more information contact the institute through

Address P.O Box 70-50401 Sio Port.

Email: [email protected]

Visit www.bumbetec.ac.ke





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