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Forms of studying in schools at any level in the modern world has also undergone revolution as other modes of life. Gone are the days in which students had to struggle with a lot of books in study rooms and libraries in schools and homes for good performance. Nowadays, successful  kenya students are studying very minimal in books and class notes. The modern way of study i kenya  nowadays is to go through a lot of past examination papers to determine what they know and what they don’t. In the case that they do not know answers or concepts involved in a particular examination, they then refer to the class notes and books for these answers and concepts.

This method has turned out to be successful tokenya  students who use this method of study ensure that the answers and concepts acquired stick in their memory and will therefore not be forget easily and will eventually lead to their success in examinations. This method is also very useful for revision of national examination such as KCPE and KCSE in the end of every year.

From this revolution, various websites to offer past examination papers have been established to ensure that students from all parts of the country can take these tests online as well as download them and do their revision at any time of the term or semester for college and university students. The sites which enable this form of study include:

Allbookez.com – the sites is one of the best websites in Kenya which organize past papers in form of PDF according to groups. For instance, they can group all KCPE English papers from a certain year in one downloadable PDF and post it in this site to ensure that it is available for the interested students to download. They have all past papers of Primary Schools, Secondary schools and Universities in PDF form therefore this website is for all students in all levels.

Kenyaplex.com – this site has a large database of examination papers in kenya  where students can download papers from colleges, universities and secondary schools. This website examinations database is updated occasionally to ensure that the past papers available are up-to date.

Someakenya.blogspot.com– in this site, a list of colleges and Universities in Kenya is provided and it contains a sections to download past papers for courses offered in this institutions they provide. This website ensure that the past papers they provide are linked to their respective institutions and therefore students download these papers with the knowledge of the institutions in which these papers are from.

Kenyapastpapersandexamsonline.blogspot.com– in this site, it enable downloads of up to 10000+ past papers. They also host a large database which contain Diploma papers in Teachers education, Primary Education, KCSE past papers, Mock examinations from different districts and all the respective marking schemes.

Freekcpepastpapers.com and freekcsepastpapers.com-this sites as the names suggests enables students in kenya  to do exams online and get the results immediately with no downloading necessary. However, the students who are interested to get the papers and their respective marking schemes through their email addresses will have to SMS their email addresses and their preferred papers to 0720502479 accompanied by a charge of Ksh 200 via M-PESA to the same number.

Elimu.co.ke – this is another amazing website in which students in addition to past examination papers, can access notes, Revision materials with good illustrations, Syllabuses guidelines, Quizzes as well as Marking Schemes for the past papers in past keny examinations. However, to fully access their services, students have to register as a member which require signing up in the website as well as sending a registration fee of Ksh 100 via MPESA to the number 0700663000.

Joshuaarimi.com– as depicted by the name, this is an individual website in which the owner is an elite and therefore through his site, he encourage the young students by providing educational materials for free download. Through him, his site was the first to provide free examination papers from 2000-2010. He has also incorporated biology KNEC past papers and provide the necessary marking schemes.

Education as they say is the key to success and therefore any person with the ability to develop it should be encourage and offer their services to the public for the general prosperity of the nation and the world in large.

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