Best High Schools in Kenya

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Alliance High School

The school has been top in the national exams in the country for quite a number of years. It has well disciplined students and the environment is conducive for study. The school has further well trained teachers that encourage students to work hard and chase their dreams in school. Anyone wishing to inquire about the school should take time and visit the institution. It’s big and has well built classroom that ensure the student is provided with all basic materials for good study.

Starehe Boys Centre

The school is also a top performer especially having been under the influence of the late dr Griffin. Starehe accommodates a lot of students and it is of no doubt that anyone that passes through the institution will be assured of joining the topmost universities in Kenya and the world in general.

Friends School Kamusinga

Found in Bungoma,the school performs well and it is the best in western country. Kamusinga has once produced the topmost student in the country and continues to produce excellent performance on the part of students. The students are hard working and that makes them focus much in studies and join top universities in Kenya.

Bishop Gatimu Ng’andu Girls

The school is one of Kenya’s best girls school producing a lot of competent students that do the best courses in universities. The school does well not only in academics but also in other activities such as sports and science congress. It has well built classrooms and library facilities that enhance the comfort of a student.

Maranda High School

It is currently the top mot school in Nyanza country producing a lot of excellent results with most students scoring a mean score of A plain in their final examinations. The school continues to do well and many primary students are giving it top priorities in their selection.

Precious Blood

The school has produced a lot of famous people in the country majority being topmost managers in many companies of the city. The school is big and has a lot of students. Precious blood produces well disciplined students that are of admirable characters in the society.

Other top performers includeMaseno high school,Kanga High,Njiri high.


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