Nairobi college student stabbed

79 nairobi college student stabbed 1


Nairobi college student stabbed


2671c0a5bcStudent life in college is always a very sensitive stage. This is the stage when the mind is ready to take anything, most of student life will be spend with the fellow students but not in class as per the general believe.

For most of the students having fun in a bad way is always the sweetest part of the life. The result of this excitement leaves many dead, other loose their right mind set and others can regret this stage if not well used.

Having fun clubbing is not bad for I believe the entertainment amenities are there for human beings not for animals or birds.

Pwani university was stabbed just the other day, the university should investigate more for the attackers may be a group just formed by some of the students. A thorough investigation should be conducted on this sad news.

The tension in the university has been high since this incident and the students are not in their normal business.

All the students should take care of themselves and use their time well to acquire something to benefit themselves and the society.

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