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by Caroline Wayua

625d5ec2ceThe Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) has partnered with incubating organisations to up job creation through start ups.

JKUAT offers accessible quality training research and innovation to produce leaders and innovators in the fields of agriculture. The incubating firms include the universities business and research in Agricultural innovation initiative (Uni Brian),that aims to commercialise agribusiness innovations.

The pact with Sorghum value chain development consortium (SVCDC), trading as sorghum 4F encourages contact between JKUAT faculty and business to produce graduates that meet industries requirements.

SVDC’ Supports services provide access business ready innovations in sweet sorghum syrup, bio ethanol, bio fertilizer, carbon dioxide and charcoal briquette said statement from the firm. The initiative also supports the establishment of agribusiness incubators owned by universities, businesses and agricultural research institutions.


The move is aimed at commercializing agricultural technologies and producing graduates with entrepreneurial and business skills.

The SVCDC Agribusiness incubator is an autonomous public private partnership formed by participating institutions including JKUAT, Kenya Agricultural Research Institute, Agritrace and Farming Support International.

SVCDC support services are available to its client’s startups and SMES. This includes entrepreneur education and training, seed quality control, access to parent seed material and seed production advice.


Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Education/62-JKUAT-JOB-CREATION.html

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