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Academic misconception, Martin Oduor success

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Academic misconception, Martin Oduor success

by Barnabas Muthini

a85ccbf3f9I know that becoming a specialist looks like a difficult and risky road on paper, but remember that along with becoming a specialist comes as distinction of being one of the best at what you do. Due to insufficient job opportunities in Kenya many academia are trying to be literate in as many field as possible to maximize their chances in fight for few jobs vacancies available. But being “jack of all trades” is not always a success tactic since many employers are looking for specialist to put their companies in a competitive edge.

Being a specialist in your field can lead you to confidence and knowledge that is rare among the “jack of all trades” guys. But most of all, it can set you apart from the creative crowd and make people take notice so that when someone is assembling a team of creative “avengers” you will be one of the people they call.

Dr. Oduor-Otieno who was recently appointed to the Board by EABL in February 2013 is an example of the high specialist in Kenya. His skills have been fought for by many companies since he “set himself apart from the creative crowd”. Dr. Oduor-Otieno is the immediate former Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Commercial Bank (KCB) Group. He has also worked in senior positions with Barclays Bank and British American Tobacco (BAT). Dr. Oduor-Otieno served as Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Finance & Planning and the Treasury in the Kenya and was awarded First Class Order of the Chief of the Burning Spear (CBS) by His Excellency the President of Kenya for his contribution to national development.

He holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Nairobi, an Executive MBA from the ESAMI/Maastritch Business School. He is a Fellow of the Kenya Institute of Bankers and Institute of Certified Public Accountants of Kenya. He also holds an Honorary Doctor of Business Leadership degree from KCA University.

It’s through his specialization in accounting field that his career has been success by many companies fighting for his skills and services.

There are more interest-specific markets and it can leave you stretched little thin if you are trying to do it all yourself.

Becoming a specialist can seem limiting at first because are immediately limiting your market, both job and audience-wise.

Article source: https://www.zakenya.com/Education/41-Academic-misconception-Martin-Oduor-success.html

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