Additional Skills/Courses That Boost Your Job Search in Kenya

by Laura Wanjiru  - April 25, 2023

The job market is flooding daily with new job seekers fresh from learning institutions. Each one thinking what they studied in the few past years is enough to land them that dream job, yet the truth of the matter is that there are thousands of others who have also studied similar courses. The ones who seem to have a bit of an advantage are those with a few years’ experience. So where does that leave the fresh graduate? Nowhere.

Here are some short courses you can undertake or some skills that won’t take you that long but may add a little colour to your CV hence boosting your chances.

  • Information Technology. As the world continues to lean towards Digital Technology, you shouldn’t be left behind. IT skills come in handy these days in almost all kinds of careers. Upgrade your IT skills or even learn new ones. Microsoft Office skills are always helpful. And in the world of field research, some data entry and analysis skills will also elevate your chances.
  • Public Relations. Every employer will want to save that extra shilling that he could have used for training staff in additional skills such as Public Relations or Customer Service. You don’t necessarily need to be looking for a job that directly deals with the two. It is helpful for any job that deals with providing goods or services to outsiders. An employer knowing he will be handled well in any part of the company will be reassuring to them.
  • Driving. This mostly applies to jobs that will require travelling to the field. You not having to be accompanied by a driver every time you are sent out will put you above the rest as it saves time and resources. Enrolling in that driving school near you will only cost you around Sh. 10,000 and will take you a month of daily one hour lessons, both theory and practical.
  • First aid and other disaster management skills. Knowing how to operate that fire extinguisher hanging outside the interviewer’s office might just be the skill to land you that job that probably has nothing to do with it. It simply shows that you think ahead and can probably handle unexpected occurrences better than your competitors.
  • Team leadership. While you are still jobless, instead of sitting around with your fellow unemployed friends wallowing in self pity or engaging in non beneficial activities, you could come together and start a few projects like tree planting, selling seedlings or beekeeping. Being the head of a group of thinkers like this will expose your leadership skills to your potential employer. After all, in case you never land a job, such activities could end up being your source of daily bread for a long time.
  • Volunteering. This will help you in answering that question, “what are you doing currently?” Volunteering at an institution where you offer services similar to those you wish to be employed for will not only show you commitment towards that particular career, but give you the hands-on experience that employers are looking for.

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