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Zatiti Provides E-commerce Websites For Online Shops In Kenya

zatiti provides e commerce websites for online shops in kenya


Zatiti in Kenya is a web based platform that enables merchants in Kenya to create their own online shops in Kenya within seconds. The merchant in Kenya gets a content management system that enables them to easily manage their content like uploading products, creating pages among others. They can also monitor their revenue, sales orders and received messages online in Kenya.

There is an overwhelming demand for quality and affordable e-commerce websites in Kenya and the rest of Africa. The cost of developing quality and effective e- commerce tends to be too high for most small and medium businesses in Kenya. Zatiti in Kenya has decided to build a platform that would enable merchants and traders in Kenya to have their own efficient and unique online shops in Kenya within the shortest time possible.

The Zatiti online platform accepts M-PESA payments which make it convenient for the merchant in Kenya as all their sale transactions go straight to their bank accounts in Kenya. In august this year (2013), Zatiti in Kenya secured seed funding from Savannah Fund in Kenya of Sh.2.2 Million for a 15 per cent stake. Many entrepreneurs in Kenya with great ideas can sell but there is not enough funding for them. This is going to change in the near future such that there are more angel investors in Kenya.

Kenyan youth stand to have a great future for every business that is well funded kike Zatiti in Kenya, there are several jobs that will be created for Kenyans. Kenyans can now open online shops and earn from the lucrative less explored business of advertising goods and services online. Zatiti in Kenya has made it possible for Kenyans to shop online at a chep and affordable price. Youths in Kenya can now take advantage of internet access and the affordable Zatiti services in Kenya.

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