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Where To Find A Samsung Care Centre In Nairobi, Kenya

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Over the recent past, many people in Kenya have moved from the QWERTY keypad craze to the touch screen frenzy. Basically, everyone in Kenya owns a touch screen phone. There are so many mobile phone companies all over the world manufacturing all sorts of phones with various specifications.

From Techno, to Samsung to Nokia to Sony- people in Kenya are free to choose whichever they please, depending on their style and the kind of features they are looking for. However with the endless choices of phones in Kenya, it is very easy for one to get a counterfeit phone. For instance, phones such as Bird and Forme brands rarely have their spare parts available in Kenya. They are often shipped from as far as China, and this being the case, you cannot get your mobile phone repaired in case of any mishap.

Samsung mobile manufacturer has tried to help out the situation by providing a care center in Nairobi Kenya for its clients. The touch screen phones in Kenya are more gentle and fragile as compared to the models that have keypads. As such, very many mobile phone repairs in Kenya are needed especially for these fragile screens, and where else is better to get a repair than from the manufacturer himself?

Again, most of these phones in Kenya are pretty much expensive. Some smart phones in Nairobi go for as much as KSH 50, 000, and this means that you would not take such a kind of a phone to any Tom Dick and Harry for repair. Better still, the repair needed could fall within the warranty period, and this could mean that you do not have to pay for the repairs done.

There are at least 2 Samsung care centers in Nairobi. Two of the Samsung Care Centres in Nairobi are based in the city center while the third is based in Westlands. The first Samsung care center is found in Westlands along Woodvale groove off Mpaka road. This is the head office of Samsung Manufacturer in Kenya. There is also another Samsung care center within Nairobi city central business district in Hilton Arcade along Kimathi Street in Nairobi town.  You can also find a Samsung shop along Mama Ngina Street, next to Java coffee house in Nairobi, where you can get assistance regarding your Samsung device.

Mobile phone manufacturers such as Nokia also have care centers within Nairobi.

It is high time you stopped taking your mobile phones to quacks for repairs!

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