Unethical Behaviors Committed By Kenyans

by James Ndetto  - October 13, 2022


Courtesy is a good virtue when it comes to matters pertaining life. However, the fact has been misused and majority of Kenyans have abused the freedom given to them. There are a lot of unethical behaviors that have been witnessed to be growing among a huge Kenyan population. The following provides some of the topmost unethical behaviors venture in.

Poor Phone Etiquette

Many Kenyans have poor response when it comes to responding to calls. Lot will often abuse the person calling or give rude answers more especially when the person is a stranger. The trend is largely growing making many people lose important things in life such as contacts or promotions by not responding well to phone calls.

Response to natural calls

There has been a continuous growth of trend in a number of Kenyans that can pee at any place. Most of them will not look for latrines or public toilets to have as a place of attending to such issues. It is therefore important for offenders to be taught how to go about with some crucial matters such as those ones.

Overloading in Public Vehicles

A lot of Kenyan conductors have the problem of overloading passengers and when they are addressed they often ignore the respondent and can even end up engaging in fights. The trend is growing and the number of accidents being witnessed to grow has continually risen over the years. Buses should only carry the number of people required and not overload passengers.

Failure to Pay Debts and Money

Many Kenyans will borrow money with very sweet words but the number that will be responsible to pay will be greatly diminished. The problem continues to grow even in the housing sector in which individuals will end up refusing to pay deposits given to them by their tenants. The habit is growing and should be condemned.


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