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Ten Top Popular Television Stations in Kenya

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Media Sector is always competing within itself for a large audience and market share.It is rapidly growing setor and very vital in making Kenyans updated on every occasion happening within and outside the country.In media sector,its all about market share and positive feedback from the customers which in this case include the viewers.Only a few of Kenyan TV stations among the 15 licenced local TV stations stand out in Kenya with many still pending.Generally Kenya Broadcasting Corporation(KBC),National TV(NTV),Kenya TV Network(KTN),Citizen TV,Kenya TV(K24) and QTV are the biggest TV stations in Kenya in terms of viewers but the introduction of Kiss TV and Classic TV have stiffened the completion and the fight for audience.Some of the TV stations have upto average of viewing time of over 14 hours per week

Citizen TV

It is indisputably the most popular TV station in Kenya with a strong focus on local programming targeting all groups of audience ranging from young to old,the affluent urban elite to the lower end Kenyan citizens on the socio-economic scale.Its powered by Royal media services.Has 14.2 hours of viewership per week.

National TV(NTV)

Came into being on May 2005 and has gained fame in the recent times.


First started on a wobbling note but the station has shown marked improvement since its establishment.Has 6.5 viewership per week.Most of wrestling programmes are broadcasted here.


Its one of major TV stations in Kenya founded in 1990 as the very first non-pay privately owned TV station in Africa.In early 2000,the station was remarkable for its in aggressive and blunt news coverage but later on,it struggled for a while and is on track for recovery.


Is the oldest broadcasting TV station in Kenya and it provides audience with coverage for national issues and the public service sectors.It enhances development of local cultural value by facilitating the dissemination,preservation and conservation of aunthentically indigenous values.It has an average of 6.1 hours viewing per week.

Kass TV

Its Kenyan TV channel introduced by the Kass Media group.It has an average of 5.1 hours of viewing per week.

Kiss TV

It started out locally but has now gone national.Mostly a 24-hour music station but also broadcasts African movies.Its really good place for entertainment.Also sports are featured in their programme including English Premiere League.Has 4.5 hours of viewership.

GoodNews Broadcasting System(GBS)

GBS started its operation in 2009 and it’s a Christian TV broadcasting station in Kenya.Its a private TV station which runs by sponsorship and advertisement revenues.Also other forms of entertainment such as music,movies and documentaries and also shopping programmes.

Family TV

Was established in 1999 to reach out to Christians as the pioneer faith channel in Kenya.Its now a East and Central Africa’s largest Christian TV network and Kenya’s most watched faith channel.It has 3.1 hours viewership per week.

K24 TV

Its powered by Mediamax Network Limited which was established in 2009.Has 3.1 hours viewership.

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