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Roles Of Huduma Centres In Kenya

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In its efforts to improve service delivery, the government of Kenya has set out to use Huduma Kenya as a platform for efficiency and orderliness for government institutions offering crucial services to the people. The first Huduma Centre was launched at Teleposta Towers to serve the people of Nairobi its initial functions include the following:

  •  Assessment and Payment of Stamp Duty

  • Community Policing

  • Duplicate National Identity Card

  • EACC Clearance Certificate

  • Issuance of Seasonal NCC tickets

  • Kenya Police Abstract

  • Nairobi City Single Business Permit

  • NHIF Member Statements and accredited Institutions 

  • NHIF Registration and Claims 

  • NSSF Member Statements and Benefits 

  • NSSF Registration

  • PPOA Filing reviews and or addressing complaints in procurement and disposal

  • Public Complaints through the Commission on Administrative Justice

  • Registration of Welfare Groups 

  • Renewal of Drivers licenses and Status check

  • Reporting Corruption

  • Search and Registration of Business Names 

  • Status of Pension Claims 

  • Student Loan Application

  • Student Loan Repayment Services

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