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Kajiado is the richest county, according to the government statistics that have exposed the massive disparities in wealth among the country’s regions. Only 12 in every 100 people in kajiado are classified as poor in a country where the average number of people considered not to be rich is 46% of the total population.

Kajiado’s wealth status is radically different from the poorest county, Turkana, where 94% in every 100 resident are considered poor. The findings are contained in the first ever audit of wealth and poverty since the new constitution was passed, with a key accent being the devolution of resources to the counties. According to the report more than half of the people in 23 counties are living below the poverty line underlying the serious differentials in livelihoods.

Kajiado, with 89.4 per cent of its people classified as rich, has displaced Kiambu region which, for decades, was rated the richest area in the country. It’s followed by Nairobi County whose 22.5 people live in poverty, perhaps because of the household in the slums. Kajiado’s riches are concentrated on areas in proximity to Nairobi. They include Ngong, Ongata Rongai, Kitengela, Isinya and Kajiado town but the interior is as poor as any other marginalized areas of the country.

Lamu, the country with the smallest population in the country, 101539 is ranked seventh with only 32.7 percent of its people classified as poor. It’s notable the region has done well despite all the recent   terrorist attacks because of its income from tourism, which some of its neighbour’s lack.

Below is a list of top 5 richest County

            COUNTY                              POPULATION                     %OF PEOPLE LIVING IN POVERTY

  • Kajiado                                     687312                                                           11.6

  • Nairobi                                     31000000                                                       22.5

  • Kirinyaga                                  528054                                                           25.2

  • Kiambu                                     1600000                                                         27.2

  • Meru                                        1300000                                                         28.3

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