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Radio Stations And Their Frequencies In Kenya

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Radio stations in Kenya provide a great means of updates on all latest news and current information from Kenya and outside world to all groups of Kenyans;both literate and illiterate,in rural and urban areas.Radio stations broadcasting in both local Kenyan and national languages have emerged easying the reach-out to many people.There are quite a number of radio stations in Kenya.

Capital FM -98.4 MHz                                                                51.Kiss FM-100.3

Easy FM-96.3                                                                                 52.Kass FM-89.1

3.Classic FM-105.2                                                                           53.Amani FM

4.Radio Citizen-106.7                                                                       54.West FM-94.9

5.Q FM-94.4                                                                                       55.Inooro FM-98.9

6.Kameme FM-101.1                                                                      56.Sayare Radio-102.9

7.Milele FM-93.6                                                                               57.Radio One-97.1

8.Uptown FM-91.1                                                                            58.Injili FM-103.7

9.Home boys Radio-91.5                                                                 59.Pwani FM-104.7

10.Ramogi FM-101.7                                                                         60.KBC North Eastern-87.7

11.Mulembe FM-97.9                                                                       61.Minto FM-101.7

12.Ghetto Radio-89.5                                                                       62.Metro FM-101.9

13.Hot 96-96.0                                                                                  63.Koch FM

14.Muuga FM-88.9                                                                           64.Imani FM-88.8

15.Pamoja FM-99.9                                                                          65.Radio Maria

16.Egesa FM-103.5                                                                           66.Hosana FM

17.Radio Maisha-102.7                                                                     67.Jesus is Lord FM-105.3

18.Musyi FM-102.2                                                                           68.Mata FM

19.Baraka FM-95.5                                                                           69.MMUST FM

20.Radio Star-105.9                                                                          70.Maendeleo FM

21.Mbaitu FM-92.5                                                                           71.Wimwaro FM

22.Mediamax Network Limited-Kameme FM Branch                 72.Rock Mambo Fm

23.Hope FM-93.3                                                                               73.Radio Mwiriama

24.Metro East FM                                                                             74.Mambo FM-91.7

25.Truth FM-90.7                                                                              75.RTD Tanzania

26.Egesa FM-103.4                                                                             76.East Africa FM

27.Radio Mang’elete                                                                         80.Sema FM

28.Sifa FM                                                                                           81.X FM Rock-105.5

29.KBC Eastern                                                                                    82.Iqra FM-95.1

30.Lake Victoria FM-92.1                                                                   83.Touch FM

31.Kaya FM-95.7                                                                                  84.KBC Kiswahili

32.Mwanendu FM                                                                               85.Radio Waumini-88.3

33.Kill FM                                                                                             86.Chamgei FM-90.4

34.Jambo FM-97.5                                                                             87.Coro FM-95.7

35.Kisima 89.7                                                                                     88.KBC English-95.6

36.Radio Umoja                                                                                  89.BBC-93.9

37.Syokimau FM-88.7                                                                         90.Inooro FM-98.9

38.Kitwek-98.0                                                                                    91.KBC Western

39.Biblilia Husema-90.7                                                                     92.Fish FM

40.Sauti ya Mwananchi-100.9                                                           93.Athiani FM-92.2

41.Sahara FM-106.4                                                                             94.LTG Radio-95.1

42.Radio China                                                                                    

43.Turkana FM

44.Radio Pamoja

45.Radio Free Africa

46.Rehema FM


48.KBC Central                                                        

49.Bahari FM-94.2                                                  

50.Kangema Fm                                                      

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