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Placing advert in Daily Nation using mobile phone

placing advert in daily nation using mobile phone 1


Placing advert in Daily Nation using mobile phone

Advertisement is very crucial to any business in kenya to create awareness to the customers and to persuade them to purchase the advertised service or good. It is a tool of marketing where the marketer chooses the medium to use to deliver the advert to the targeted audience. In Kenya many forms of advertising are used. kenya Daily Nation news paper has been delivering goods results in terms of advertising nationally.

Mobile phone is a communication gadget which is common to almost every one living in kenya, Daily Nation has taken advantage of this, anyone who owns a mobile phone can send an advert in the  kenya newspaper in a simple process, the advert will be placed in the field of classifieds section of the news paper.

Make the advert inform of a text, the text should contain the relevant information, if the advert is for a land for sale in kenya, the relevant information will be the size of the land, where it is located, the amount it is selling at and the contacts. Send the advert to the Nation adverting agent on 020 460 1020, wait for a confirmation text then pay using M-pesa through pay bill number 101300; you will receive a final text confirming the transaction.

 kenya Nation news paper also offers an option to send adverts online, to place adverts through email visit http:/www.classfields.co.ke. For more enquiries customer care line is 0722 108 181 or type text HELP#CLASSFIELDS and send the text to 020 460 1020.

Daily Nation is a product of Nation media group; it is large and leading in multimedia services in East and Central Africa, it offers both print and electronic media services, Nation media group has been increasing in annual turnover annually; its shares are quoted in Nairobi stock exchange. The media group was founded immediately after independence as a voice for the African population.

The  kenya media group has been a choice for many citizens as an advertising medium, many companies and entities use Daily Nation to advertise jobs and vacancies, and Daily Nation has given an opening to many employees after sourcing jobs through the Daily Nation. There obituary section which offers advertising service for those giving the last respect to their loved ones. The Daily Nation gives general news to the Nation and other crucial information to the Nation.

Daily Nation has gone online; it publishes current news and other informative sections including media news, editorial sports, and latest Kenyan jobs and vacancies. To access online Daily Nation log in to http:/www.nation.co.ke and the website has a continuous update. The Nation Media group has a television division called NTV Kenya, it is a leading television in Kenya, it covers a large region in Kenya, it’s you tube line is ntv.nation.co.ke.

One can execute multi market by placing adverts in the News paper; the Daily news paper adverts reach millions of people nationwide. The businesses which use Daily Nation to advertise their businesses stay ahead in the market. It is an efficient and common medium in Kenya. It provides details needed for a consumer to make a buying choice. If you are a marketer or a sales person try sending an advert to classifieds section of the Daily Nation today.


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