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Online Money Making Jobs in Kenya

online money making jobs in kenya


Kenya is experiencing a lot of economic problems and the continuous lack of jobs s becoming rampant and growing to greater and higher levels. However, hardships can still be eliminated if only Kenyans find better ways of being more creative to make money. One of these ways is by venturing into the internet and getting the various opportunities that and jobs that are advertised daily.

Internet Marketing

The project is growing at higher levels and it simply involves inviting friends to like a certain page and sign up for a particular type of company. The trend is more important as it helps many friends inform other about opportunities that well paying hence helping the unemployed to find something constructive to invest in. The process simply one needs to attend seminars and get training from specialists on how to handle the various online applications.

Academic Writing

The job involves writing essays from a range of fields from engineering, history, business and religion. For one to venture into the business, internet connection and reliable computers are needed. New applicants can visit the purdue.owl for tutorial lessons and better ways of getting ideas needed to write quality essays. After getting the skills one can then apply for the job at the various sites. Payment is usually by various online banks such as PayPal, money bookers and wire transfer.


Many companies are competing to get customers and clients to work with. As a result of this, they are in high need of people that can be of help in marketing them. Online advertisement is simple as it only needs one to convince others to follow a certain link and like their pages through social media such as face book and twitter.Different from internet marketing,the process simply needs you to make a partcular service or product.


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Emerging from the scenic landscapes of Kericho, with its verdant tea fields, James Ndetto's roots may seem a world apart from the bustling urban centers where communication theories are fervently discussed. Yet, it was here, amidst community gatherings and local stories, that James first understood the power of effective communication.

His curiosity took him to one of Kenya's premier universities, where he pursued a degree in Communication Studies. James' academic journey was marked by a desire to merge traditional African communication methods with modern theories and technologies, aiming to bridge the past with the present.

Post-graduation, James channeled his passion and expertise into writing. He began penning articles that provided deep insights into the evolving world of communication, especially as it pertained to the Kenyan context. His work touched upon diverse themes, from interpersonal communication in Kenyan communities to the transformative power of digital platforms in Africa.

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Beyond his written endeavors, James has taken on roles in academia, teaching courses on communication at notable Kenyan institutions. He has also been an active participant in international conferences, representing Kenya and contributing to global dialogues on the future of communication.

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