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IT Retail Company In Kenya; Providing Computer Products To Nairobi And Major Towns In Kenya

it retail company in kenya providing computer products to nairobi and major towns in kenya


The use and dependence on computers in Kenya has over time increased. From calculating arithmetic questions to giving accurate answers when programmed to handle logical operations, computers have simplified the amount of work and effort needed to do numerous things. Computer availability in Kenya has in effect slashed and reduced workloads and time under taken on a particular project by almost two thirds in all areas, be it record keeping to solving arithmetic questionnaires or communicating with friends across the globe or sending money in Kenya. Society in general, especially here in Kenya, has integrated the use of computers in almost every aspect of our lives, shopping, transport and recently introduction of using laptops in the education system hence moving rather rapidly to a digital world. With these changes acquiring a computer in Kenya in whatever form, desktop, laptop or tablet has become a priority.

Products sold at IT Retail Company in Kenya

IT Retail company in Kenya is a corporation that deals in a wide range products enabling easier detection by a customer for the preferred model and make of a computer that meets the customers’ needs. Having created a niche for itself as the leading provider of IT products in Kenya, IT retail company in Kenya offers high quality computer products at cheap prices on desktops computers, laptops, electronics and spare parts like batteries, laptop extension wires, servers, projectors, scanners and monitors. IT Retail Company in Kenya deals in well known computer products in Kenya from Apple, Apc, Dell, Acer, Eps, Hp Compaq, Levono, Microsoft, Samsung, sony, Toshiba, Transcend, Logi tech, Speck, Elgato, D-link, Cisco, Mimipro/ Alco, Crumpler, Incase and Western digital.

Location of IT Retail Company in Nairobi

IT Retail Company in Kenya is located at the New Stanley Building along Standard Street in Central business district of Nairobi city. IT Retail Company in Nairobi is opened from 8 am to 6 pm on weekdays and 8 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. IT Retail company in Nairobi also offers online shopping in Kenya in which they deliver to kilifi, Turbo, Voi, Embu, Kericho, Kisumu, Tala, Makindu, Eldoret, Narok, Nyahurururu, Bungoma, Kitale, Machakos, Thika, Kiambu, Karatina, Sotik, Kitui, Gilgil, Muranga, Rongo, Mlaba and Malindi towns in Kenya.

IT Retail Company Branches in Africa

IT Retail Company in Kenya has other IT Retail Company branches in neighboring countries to Kenya like Burundi, Rwanda, South Sudan, Tanzania and Uganda. IT Retailer company in Kenya can be contacted through the IT Retail Company official email address at [email protected] or though the IT Retail Company phone numbers, landline; 020 2643525 0r mobile number; 0705-784- 477.

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