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How To watch Television Online In Kenya

how to watch television online in kenya


Technology is rapidly expanding sector in the world.Kenya Television Stations can be accessed easily live online from anywhere in the world,what is needed is only good internet connection although Kenyan internet is limited to some areas particularly the urban areas but most internet cables can be found in cybers,hotels,some vehicles and also internet can be accessed in some institutions via wireless connection.Other than these,internet connection can be accessed through an external device(modem)for persons with personal computers what is needed is a modem and a power source.Also a person can equally access live Kenya TV if in possession of an internet enabled mobile phone that has a TV access software.

Kenyan TV stations that broadcast Live,They include;

  • Kenya Broadcasting Corporation(KBC)

  • Kenya TV(K24)

  • Citizen TV

  • National TV(NTV)

  • Kenya TV Network(KTN)

  • Sayare TV

How to watch Kenya TV Live on Internet

To access Live Kenya TV in any of the internet connection mode/situation is quite easy.Once one is aware of the TV stations that broadcast live online,all that is needed is for you to just type “Live Kenya TV”on the browser and then choose the television station from the number of options which appear in the search engine.

How to watch Live Kenyan TV using a Personal computer(PC)connection(wireless connection)

Live Kenyan TV can be watched on Personal computer or laptop with the use of modem.First of all you will subscribe to internet bundles which you will use to pay for the internet connection.Internet bundles can be bought through a number of methods depending on the provider.You can purchase your internet bundles through any of the mobile internet provider in the locatity,then connect your modem to the PC to access the internet.The modem networks can be Safaricom,Orange,Airtel or YU.Once connection is ready you need to search “Live Kenya TV” on the browser then select the TV station to watch on the options provided in the search engines.Although in case of internet disconnection due to extinction of bundles the life feed cuts off.

How to watch Live Kenyan TV with your mobile phone

This is not common as there are very few mobile phones that can be used to access Live TV.Most of mobile phones will only be useful to download some TV shows and programmes in which case they will not be live.Watching Live TV over the phone is limited to only number of handsets which may or may not require an external TV software.Once connected,what is needed is to type “Live Kenya TV”then your off to go.  

How to watch Live Kenyan TV with cable or WIFI(public connection)

If you have a good internet connection,then you’re good to go all that is required is to type Live Kenya TV on the browser then select from the options on the search engine.

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