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How To Register For Airtel Money Transfer Account System In Kenya

how to register for airtel money transfer account system in kenya


Mobile phones in Kenya have become part and parcel of our everyday life. With a mobile phone, we communicate with our loved ones and make a living through business deals in Kenya. To facilitate easier, convenient method of conducting business in Kenya, Kenyans have ingeniously come up with a new innovation of mobile money transfer systems in Kenya, a system that is a virtual bank that can in effect render and avail to customers the opportunities of sending, receiving and storing money in Kenya till need be. Established in 2004 in Kenya, Airtel money in Kenya is the second one of its kind to offer money transfer services in Kenya to the most distant parts of the country.

How to register for Airtel Money in Kenya and requirements needed in Registering For Airtel Money

To register for Airtel money mobile transfer system in Kenya, a potential customer has to visit an Airtel agent in Kenya to register their Airtel line which is mostly done in for security purposes. The requirement needed for registering for Airtel Money in Kenya is a National Identity card (ID) for Kenyan residents and passport for non- residents,of Kenya there afterwards registration is done free of charge. Once registered, the Airtel customer in Kenya has to activate their account, to do this the customer has to select the Airtel application icon on their mobile handset. Two application menus will appear on your mobile handset, one for their Airtel services and the other for will read activate. After activating and choosing a secure pin number, the main menu will appear that has the following options; send money option on Airtel; that is used to send money to any mobile network in Kenya, buy airtime option on Airtel, withdraw moneyoption in Airtel from either an Airtel agent or a bank ATM in Kenya, pay bills ption on Airtel with the options of paying salaries in Kenya, electricity bill payment in Kenya or water bill payment in Kenya and mobile banking option in Kenya that enhances stress free banking experiences.

The advantage of using Airtel money in Kenya is that it can be used from anywhere at any time, day or night without one having to deal with the discomforts of physically travelling to ensure secure transfer of money in Kenya to the desired party or to queue for long periods of time in a banking hall in Kenya to deal with money transactions. The main advantage of using Airtel money in Kenya is that it is absolutely free to send money to any mobile network in Kenya. A customer of Airtel Money in Kenya is only charged on withdrawals.

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