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How Social Media Affects Kenyan Youths

how social media affects kenyan youths


Kenyans are continually increasing in the rate and manner in which they use the various gadgets that can access the web and any media interaction activities. Despite being useful in facilitating the rate of information transfer from one place to another, the social media effects that are continually being observed among the Kenyan youths is growing at an alarming rate. The following are some of the negative effects of social media to the youths of Kenya.

It causes Depression

The media presents a lot of images to young girls that are in most cases photo shopped that play the role of shifting the attention of many especially girls. lot of girls believe that by looking like a model displayed by a certain photo, they will eventually be satisfied and get fulfillment. The opposite is true as such girls only end up getting the negative results that leaves them depressed and feeling lonely with high levels of regret about the choices they made.

Poor Performance

A lot of poor performance in school has been attributed to the fact that many Kenyan youths spend a lot of their time doing social interaction activities over the internet. The practice is making the majority of them do badly in class and often ending up not finishing school well. It is therefore important that parents advice their children and control the rate at which they frequently view programmes to avoid poor performance in schools.

Ruined Friendships

Many Kenyan youths have gone ahead to form a lot of online friends that can be used by them for chatting and exchanging ideas. The major challenge to this fact is that it will only make matters more badly as friendship is about caring for the needs of one another. Due to the fear of being alone, majority of Kenyans will end up sending a lot of friend request so as not to end up feeling lonely.

It reduces a person’s worth

When one uses social media tools such as the face book, they live according to it and depend on it to form more friendships with other people. The youths should come up in large numbers can find friends that are caring and well supporting rather than stick to social media as a way of cheating oneself to have stable friendship.






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