Factors Disuniting Kenyans

by James Ndetto  - October 12, 2022

Kenya as a country has been having a lot of peace since the year it got independence. However, the stable peace that used to exist in the country has been disrupted by a number of issues that divert the unity of Kenyans. The disruption of unity has made a lot of projects and slows down the economic progress of the country. It is therefore important for one to discover the importance of staying in unity with one another.


Is the situation in which people tend to believe that only people from their backgrounds are suitable for certain types jobs or conditions that prompt one community to believe that they are better than others? The outcome of the above is that it will lead to people to start favoring their communities and promoting very inhuman behaviors that are not tolerated by many people. It is good that the vice be eliminated from the minds of Kenyans and people should start living together as one.


The above factor is seen in the way jobs are distributed and better positions allocated in the government. Closely related to tribalism, the practice is dangerous and can create a lot of hardships in trying to build understanding with other people hence leading to disunity. It is important that all the people of Kenya get equal chances and opportunities in the respective places of work and that anyone that tries to favor some groups and causing inequality be subjected to the law agencies.

Difference in Social Status

The country is reaching at a point in which the rich groups of society are only focusing on dealing with people that are rich eventually making it hard for the less privileged people to enjoy social networking in the country. The people with high social status continue dominating the top offices and helping their family and friends while forgetting the presence of other potential talents that are not recognized.


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