Dating Nairobi ladies

91 dating nairobi ladies


Dating Nairobi ladies


92966d5d09Nairobi ladies are commonly known by the name ‘manzi wa nai’ men will admit that Nairobi is blessed with pretty and wonderful ladies. In this exclusive you will be guided on how to date a lady from Nairobi.

  1. Do not take her for walks next to the shoe shops or shoe vendors. Nairobi chics are shoe junkies, just look at them, they all have huge handbags. Besides using these bags as baby stealing accessories in supermarkets and any other self-service business area. The big handbags are not just a part of their dressing but they are meant for shop lifting. Don’t walk past people who sell shoes unless you want to be asked “Just  wait for a minute as I try these on…..Do they look good?” Then proceed to buy none of them after she wasted an hour trying all of them out.
  2. When you go for a date with a Nairobi chic, be prepared for two extremes
  • She either eats too much


  • She either eats too little

 If she eats too much, suddenly become full and offer her your food, if she eats too little celebrate and proceed to help her finish the meal using the excuse “Some Kenyans are dying of hunger”. If it’s a classy restaurant, ask them to pack the food.

  1. Nairobi ladies mostly claim to be independent

Nairobi ladies are just strong and loves the peace of independency but very emotional.

  1. The average Nairobi chic will do second hand shopping when she is single but when she hooks up with you she only shops at Nakumatt Junction or village market, others will do it normally because money has not been a problem due to her independency.


  1. Nairobi ladies love foreign men, any white man be it chines, Indian, Italian or any other. Ask those men and they will tell you “sex in Nairobi is not a problem but an offer”.


  1. Shopping for clothes and salon always tops the list after receiving any cash be it her salary or money through gift or borrowing. She will enquire from her friends where to get certain types of clothing or certain hairstyles and that will be end of her budgeting.


  1. Nairobi women love rich men as a man don’t go hunting for Nairobi chics just hunt for money and they will follow you.


  1. Nairobi ladies like having fun the areas where you will get Nairobi ladies are in the Nairobi clubs, if not in the famous clubs in the Nairobi Central Business District they will be in Westlands or in the famous clubs in their Estates.


  1. Nairobi woman will look so quiet and harmless but the truth is what is running in their minds only God knows… they will be thinking on where to get money and the ways of accomplishing the mission can only be discussed in low tones, how to get somebody’s boyfriend or husband and the list is just endless.


  1. Entertaining Nairobi lady will entertain you to ensure that no one else but just her and you will work hard and stay focused because you won’t imagine losing her, she is unique and well updated in western styles.


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