Online dating,is it for you or a foreign concept

by James Ndetto  - March 6, 2022

Online dating,is it for you or a foreign concept

by Brenda Mareri

Single, lonely, tired of watching couples all around you frolicking away all smiles and all you do is cringe. Most of us are all there, stuck in a rut.  Tried dating and you can’t get the right fit. Of late I have been seeing online advertisements for local Kenyan dating websites giving us hope to meet a soul mate.

As a typical traditional Kenyan, with Luhya blood streaming through me online dating is a foreign concept. Who will I meet? Why are they searching online? Is it that hard to find a mate? I think I prefer the old school style of bumping into a Karanja or Okello at the bus stop and hitting it off. Going down to the local pub and making sure my dance floor skills can pop an eye or two.

Dating online is traversing into the unknown realms, not knowing who is sitting at the opposite end of the computer typing away. Is what the other person saying about themselves genuine or is it a psychopath hunting for his next victim.

Is the concept of traditional dating and online dating the same? Or do I just need to get with the times and adjust to the digital era. Or is it just making things too easy for us, just a click of a button and you have a date.

Are we just too lazy to put ourselves out there, away from the facade of the internet and risk rejection?  To answer all my questions I signed up on a site as a single and browsed through my potential matches. There was great variety, eye candy and eye sores. After a few minutes, I decided to chat up a few and it was strange trying to share information about yourself with a complete stranger.

At the end of it all I decided that online dating and my preferred traditional mode of dating could just be the same, personal preference would be the difference. Would you rather have all your possible options a click of a button away or would you prefer the hustle of chasing after your potential partner like in the good old days. Well am not referring to chasing the girl down to the river and hoisting her away on your back, but just the plain old game of cat and mouse.


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