Unemployment In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 1, 2023

Unemployment is defined as the situation by which people are willing to work but they cannot have the chance to secure job opportunities.The following classes of group providees the various unemplyment types witnessed by kenyan career experts.

Seasonal unemployment

It is caused by the continous variations of seasons in the country.It has been noted that during the high season many people will be in demand for labour and the demand will later go to low levels when the season gets into its low conditions.

Frictional unemployment

Caused when people losing jobs go ahead to look for more better opportunities and find more lucrative ventures either due to retirement or sacking by managers.

Structural unemployment

Takes place when the demand for labour continually declines due to high changes in the methods of production offered by the society.A good example will be the situation in which machines are introduced to replace human labor.

Cyclical unemployment

It generally takes place in a more repeated manner at times that are similar due to having different cycles of economic activities alternating from boom to recession.

Disguised unemployment

Takes place in situations where the numebr of people employed becomes more than the ones that are needed leading to the laying off the extra numbers of workers that are in a particular firm or organization.

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