Top Influential Women in Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - April 25, 2022


She represents many women by taking a leading role in the field of politics. The woman is very confident and truly believes in herself and her ambitions. Karua has grown at a very fast rate in the political field and it is of no doubt that the growing trend gave her the courage to become a presidential aspirant in the 2013elections.


The late Wangari was popularly known for being concerned with matters relates to the environment. She went ahead to plant a lot of trees something that propelled her to win the Nobel Prize. In Kenya, she becomes not only the first woman to win the prize but also the first Kenyan. By taking good care of the environment, her role will always be remembered by many Kenyans.


She has grown and based her career in matters relating to law. Being a top and recognized judge, Njoki is very respectable in the law field something that saw her be selected among the judges that would hear the electoral petition formerly forwarded to court by Raila Odinga. Her approach towards issues regarding life has been very essential for the past few years.


Currently the first lady, Margret is very hard working and has joined hands with other hardworking women in high efforts to try advocate for the rights of women in society. Margret is the first ever in Africa amongst the many first ladies’s to take part in the London marathon and eventually finishing it successfully.


Represents the many number of women in the field of journalism. She is popularly known for her confidence and does not entertain jokes on the part of many guys that try to disturb her peace. Caroline Mutoko has grown in the field and no one can argue that she has moved a lot of Kenyans by influencing how they think and approach certain matters regarding life.

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