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Tips on Making a Career Successful in Kenya

tips on making a career successful in kenya


Kenyans need various career tips to ensure they achieve their 

highest levels of production while working.

Kenya needs maximum utilization of its human resources to achieve

economic growth. Kenyans can learn from various tips to improve or

choose successful careers: 

1. As a Kenyan, You need not to have a fixed career plan- You

should stay flexible and open to all the possibilities that come your


2.Kenyans should forget the ladder, but climb the jungle gym

instead- A ladder is of no good when the world and technology is 

changing so fast and its unpredictability. No one really knows what 

tomorrow’s ideal job will be. Kenyans should think of your career as

a jungle gym which sharpens their peripheral vision and should look

for opportunities all around in any part of the country.

3. Kenyans should focus on what they have right now and to oversee

 the longterm opportunities that may arise. Kenyans should

not always worry about the job they have. However, the job should

be done well. If you do not do it well, you will never get the next one. 

It’s important to envision some ultimate goals.

4. As a Kenyan, You should follow your compass not your clock.

Whatever direction you know is right, you should follow that in

spite of the period of time you require to achieve. Always focus on the

 right direction in your career.

5. Take risks- Kenyans should take risks and be ready to work for 

smart people; be prepared to do new things.

6.Be yourself you can be somebody else and follow all your life, but 

you can not be somebody else and lead. Be the leader of your life in


7. Kenyans should not balance juggle- As a Kenyan, you should 

stop believing in balance and know that there exists more days than

one when you 

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Growing up, Eka was deeply inspired by the marathoners and middle-distance runners from his region, often finding himself amidst training camps and local races, absorbing stories of dedication, sweat, and sheer willpower.

Eka pursued his passion academically at a renowned university in Kenya, specializing in Sports Journalism. This formal education, combined with his intrinsic understanding of the Kenyan sporting ethos, allowed him to produce articles that resonated deeply with readers. His pieces, rich with local anecdotes and broad insights, began to get attention both within the university and in the national press.

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Today, as one of the leading voices in sports journalism in Africa, Eka Kaoo continues to champion the stories of athletes, always reminding the world of the heart, soul, and spirit of Kenyan sports.

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