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Tips on How to win government tenders in Kenya

tips on how to win government tenders in kenya


Always provide all the information requested in the tender application form.Tax clearing certificate and shareholding certificate should never be forgotten at any cost.Out-dated tax clearance certificate are not allowed.

Calculations of tender prices must alwats be correct.

Incase you are not sure of anything in the tender, ASK so as to avoid misinterpretation.

Always sign your bid document to avoid disqualification incase of unsigned documents.

If you are an HDI,remember to claim your points.Points unclaimed are points lost.

Ensure that you drop the the tender into the right box on time.Not even a second late bid by law will be accepted past the closing time.

Sufficient amounts of samples must be supplied if requested to enable the item to be evaluated under the appropriate technical or clinical conditions.Ensure that any requirements related to compliance with SABS specifications are met.


Always through the bid documents carefully.

Complete the document in full.

Do a proper cost analysis when calculating your bid prices.Bids calculated too high or too low are considered unresponsive.

Inquire about the bid and obtain all the relevant information before completing the tender document.

Feel free to ask why you were unsuccessful so that you maylearn from mistakes made.

Make sure that you are able to meet all the requirements within the specified time and are able to honour your offer in the event that your bid is successful.

Do not make any misinterpretations or false statements in your bid documentation.It is a legal document and therefore enforceable by law.

Quality services and products will improve your track record and good standing with the department.Poor delivery creates a negative impression not only for your business but for all small businesses in general.


Each tender or bid advert indicates where you can collect the documents you will need to fill in to submit your tender and where they should be submitted.The advert also indicates a closing date.This is a very firm deadline,no late tenders can be accepted.




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