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Tips On How To Get Best Paying Jobs In Kenya

tips on how to get best paying jobs in kenya


When job hunting in Kenya, it has almost always about the amount of money you will be making. Who wants to be stuck in a dead beat job paying peanuts after struggling to work for 3-4 years in campus? One needs to know where the big bucks will come from, and the only way to get there is to do your market research on Kenyan job market thoroughly. Luckily I did some market research of my own and came up with some of the top paying jobs in Kenya.

The main areas that rake in cash in Kenya are the telecommunications sector, marketing and sales, banking, advertisement industries, IT and engineering. In such positions, the highest paid can earn a monthly salary of approximately KES 650,000 and the lowest paid a minimum KES 125,000. These are mouthwatering salaries that any Kenyan would be more than happy to get a grasp on.

The good news is that regardless of what you majored in campus, one can still venture into these job  sectors within Kenya by taking simple steps. To get into the industries in Kenya, one might need to get some additional certification to boost your chances. A certificate in project management, marketing and CPA can go a long way. This will show that you are a diverse individual and ready to learn new skills that can crop up anywhere. Although to get into careers in Kenya that cover engineering, medicine and the likes one must have invested long before.

Here is a short list of best paying jobs in Kenya; Medical doctors, Accountants, Political analysts, Marketers, NGO workers, IT specialists, Engineers and Airline jobs. Doing as many social works certifications in Kenya that are relevant will definitely expand your horizons. Step out of your comfort zone and take up internships at magazine industries, banks, NGOs, government offices and other places. To get into the IT sector in Kenya, boosting your knowledge by enrolling in mobile networking courses, programming, learning more about the IT sector will definitely get your foot into the right door. An emobilis course will give you an advantage over one who has done a computer packages course when fighting for the same job.

Regardless of what you studied, if you are open minded enough to take a step out of the comfort zone you can make the big bucks in Kenya. Following these easy steps will help;

  • -find out the qualifications the desired job holds
  • -Search for any certifications that can get you the qualifications you require
  • – Apply and volunteer at the organizations and be aggressive and ready to show you are the best

With that you are sure to get the big pay day you desire anywhere in Kenya, it will not be an easy task, but the payoff is worth it.


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