The kenya Police Units

the kenya police units


Law enforcement is the most important factor to any country. The Kenyan police is a national body trusted with law enforcement. It is this reason that has encouraged the body to come up with various units to handle particular problems. One of the units is The General Service Unit.

General Service Unit

This unit has been in existence for a long time. It is believed that they have existed since the late 1940s consisting of well and highly trained police officers. The General Service [GSU] main objective is to deal with civil disorders, to deal with issues affecting internal security in the country and it is an operation force .

Administration Police

It was started in 1958 and headed by Deputy Inspector of Police. The department started as a native police. They are highly trained to tackle any situations that the regular police have found it difficult to handle. The unit is fully equipped to handle any law breaking situation. It also consists of an anti riot unit which deals with cattle rustlers, rioters and security of the border.

National Intelligence Service

It was created in 1952 by the British. The unit was once known as the National security intelligence. The role of the unit is to gather intelligence on the issues that pose a threat to the country. It does not only gather but stops the threats from happening.It has seven sections that include;

  • Operations Under the director of operations

  • Administration headed by director of administration

  • External intelligence headed by director of intelligence

  • Information technology headed by director of information technology

  • Nation intelligence headed by director of intelligence

  • Internal intelligence headed by director of internal intelligence

  • Production and analysis headed by director of economic affairs

Regular and Traffic police

The Traffic police mainly ensure that the road is safer and secure for citizens. They ensure that traffic is in order and each and every law is followed to the letter. The regular police as the name suggests is responsible for maintain law at ground level.


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