Most Infuential Religious Leaders in kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - August 7, 2022

Cardinal John Njue

The catholic bishop of the diocese of Nairobi and the cardinal of the country of Kenya. The person is hard working and has tried to improve many situations and challenges that have been affecting the church for quite a number of years. He was the former Bishop of Nyeri but was later chosen by the pope to be the cardinal being the second after Maurice cardinal Otunga.

Bishop Wabukala

The bishop is the head of the Anglican church of Kenya. He has brought a lot of developments and changes enabling other priest to acquire education and continue with their studies while serving the church. He has helped reduce the tension that was affecting the church for quite a number of years.

Pastor Maurice Oloo

The lead minister at kings gathering international church found in YMCA shauri moyo.The pastor has gone ahead to eradicate a lot of evils happening in society by the teaching he passes to their followers. Pastor Oloo has written quite a number of books and holds major events in the city of Nairobi; the knight of fire being one of them. He continues to be a blessing to many people in the country.

Prophet David Awuor

The prophet is the head of holiness and repentance ministry. He travels all over the country trying to tell people to repent and live a righteous life. The prophet has been a blessing to many people that have desired to find salvation in the Lord. He has helped many people know and become strong in their faith by fighting all kinds of evils in the society.

Bishop Margaret Wanjiru

The lead minister for the ministry of Jesus is alive. She has supported a lot of people and has continued to expand the church throughout the country. Bishop wanjiru has been in the field of politics for quite a longer period of time and her ministry is surely a blessing to the lives of people.

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