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Job Websites In Kenya: How To Look For A Job Online In Kenya

job websites in kenya how to look for a job online in kenya


Job searching in Kenya or what is commonly known in Kenya as ‘tarmacking’ is hard work that many say it can be a job itself other than the job you are looking for. With the improvements in technology within Kenya, one can now look for your job at the comfort of your computer. How you may wonder, the answer is simple, through the use of online job search sites in Kenya. There are quite a number of the job websites in Kenya which include:

Best jobs Kenya website

Best jobs Kenya is a site that is open to both jobseekers in Kenya and employers in Kenya. For the job seekers in Kenya, one can subscribe to Best jobs Kenya website by email to receiving alerts and information as to the available job opportunities in Kenya. A person looking for a job in Kenya can also upload their CV to make it available for the employers in Kenya looking for employees or you could simply do an on the spot search for the jobs in Kenya that are in your field and that interest you.

Once you have seen a job on the job website in Kenya that meets your criteria, contact the employer who has advertised the job in Kenya. The contact information of the employer in Kenya should be displayed together with the rest of the vacancy details. With the Best jobs Kenya website, one can directly contact the employer as the site acts as an Ad site for employers in Kenya. Best jobs Kenya website is at http://www.bestjobskenya.com/ 

Brighter Monday job website in Kenya

The Brighter Monday job website in Kenya offers job opportunities in Kenya for both employers and prospective employees. Brighter Monday job website in Kenya is a Kenyan based job search site. Different jobs in Kenya are listed under different categories such as legal, finance, farming, government, security among others in Brighter Monday job website in Kenya. Once you have selected your field, you will be able to see the available job postings on Brighter Monday job website in Kenya. The jobs available on Brighter Monday job website in Kenya are not only those based in Kenya but also other African regions.

Once you have clicked onto your preferred job on Brighter Monday job website in Kenya, you will be able to see some details such as the requirements needed for the job, but to see additional detail such as the employer offering the job and contact address one has to sign in to Brighter Monday website. if you are not a member of Brighter Monday job website in Kenya, you simply just have to register to obtain the information. Brighter Monday website is at http://www.brightermonday.co.ke/ 

Kenyaplex job website in Kenya

Kenyaplex job website in Kenya allows you to browse through an assortment of Kenyan jobs and enables you to post your CV for free. If you have already applied for a job in Kenya, and you are preparing for an interview, there is an Interview questions section on Kenyaplex job website where you can familiarize yourself with hundreds of commonly asked questions during interviews in Kenya. Kenyaplex job website in Kenya also provides a variety of aptitude tests to help you gain confidence and great levels of accuracy as you prepare for your interview.

The different job postings on Kenyaplex job website are there and at the click of a button you can get all the information you need or you could subscribe to latest jobs in Kenya on kenyaplex.com by email. KenyaPlex website with jobs in Kenya is at http://www.kenyaplex.com/jobs/ 

LinkedIn job website in Kenya

LinkedIn job website is a social networking site in Kenya, pretty close to Facebook, however there is a prominence on building a work-related network in Kenya rather than a personal network. This makes it possible for employers to get potential employees and also post jobs that are available in their countries. While LinkedIn isn’t principally a job search destination, the impression is simple enough: The advantage of using LinkedIn is that Individuals acquire jobs from their professional network in Kenya and become an exceptional source for linking with persons in your field who recognize where you might be able to get good work. This also offers broader perspective to the jobseeker in Kenya since other than accessing local jobs in Kenya, one can get job openings from all over the world. LinkedIn website with jobs in Kenya is at http://www.linkedin.com/job/home?trk=hb_tab_jobs_top 

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