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How To Set Yourself Apart In The Job Market

how to set yourself apart in the job market


Creation of networks is as important as making investments!

It may interest you to note that there are more job openings today than there were awhile ago. As a matter of fact, there are more job varieties than has ever been in the history of human evolution.

Quite interestingly, there are employers out there who are currently frustrated because they don’t seem to get the right candidates for the job openings in their organizations. This is contrary to a popular opinion that job seekers are frustrated because they cannot get suitable job placements. Nowadays many jobs are not advertised in the newspapers.

What does this tell you? You may have to wait for too long if you hope to secure a job through the adverts in the mainstream print media. As a job-seeker you need to be a little aggressive in your search for your dream job. Make sure that every day, you are building on your network of professionals who are already in the field that you would like to explore. Volunteer your skills and expertise to assist them in their projects without even expecting any sort of reward. You will be surprised that they will be more than willing to introduce you to the people who have the power and authority to hire.

Your CV is therefore a very crucial document. It is like (and indeed) a sales brochure and should be a selling document, as opposed to a ‘telling document’. The work of a CV is not to get you a job; it is meant to get you an interview for you to sell yourself. It should not be a list of duties and responsibilities from your previous employment. It should capture the reader’s attention with the profile highlighting on your skills, experiences and relevant qualifications. An average recruitment manager spends only about 30 seconds glancing at a CV. This means that your profile should be loaded with powerful ammunition that will make the prospecting employer want to meet with you. I cannot exhaustively explain to you here how to create a winning CV, but I have to underscore the fact that you need to give it much of your attention. Each one of us must have a DREAM which is an acronym for:

D- Distinct: Differentiate yourself uniquely or else you will become extinct

R- Relevant: Make your skills and yourself relevant to the work environment

E- Esteem: Build a very healthy self-esteem. Your self-confidence speaks a lot about yourself. Self-confidence is the hinge upon which turns the door of individual achievements in your professional and personal life.

A – Awareness: Must be alert and totally in sync with what is happening in different sectors.

M- Mind’s eye: keep your mind’s eye to the right networks to know what is likely to happen even before it happens.

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