How To Reduce Unemployment In Kenya

by Ekai Kaoo  - November 17, 2022

The huge number of population growth in the country is making alot of kenyans to encounter hardships when it comes to finding jobs and earning money from it.Many have ended up lacking jobs for a long duration of time making it necessary to have measures that can help reduce unemployment in the country.The following comprises some of the ways unemployment can be reduced in  kenya.

Developing the rural areas

The government should adapt a culture of spreading more industries and giving more incentives to investors to construct more industries in the rural centers of the country.The practice will help many gain opportunities in the industries hence getting some income sources.

Relevant Education System

The education system should keep reminding the students of what the outside market expects of them hence they should go ahead and teach students on ways of becoming competitive in the outside market.

Population Control

The government needs to get a way of reducing the rapid rate of population growth in the country to help many other people have access to the good and basic essentials of life.Control of population ensures that the numebr of people enterin the job market are few in number.

Increased government expenditure

The government needs to increase the finance pertaining development projects in kenya.Construction of more social amenities such as good roads needs to be one of the factors the government can consider.By doing that,they create numerous opportunities for people in the job market to get much access to available opportunities.

Protecting Local Industries

A major step towards protecting local industries will be to shield them from the tough competition they get from more developed countries that often bring in cheap products that kill the potential growth of local industries.By helping local industries to expand,the government takes part in solving high unemployment cases.




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